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Ashleyyy 🖤


it’s just my face

Is there anything worse than feeling uncomfortable in your own skin? NO and for years I’ve really hated mine. I don’t have the worst skin in the world BUT I’m acne prone and it’s literally the worst. I tried proactive when I was younger and holy hell it was literally the worst! I couldn’t leave my house for two weeks because it made my breakouts so much worst. 

Well finally at 26 I’m fed up with having awful skin and having to fully beat my face everyday just to go to work so I asked my Dr. for some Retin-A Micro and let me tell you I HAVE ZERO REGRETS about it! It been about two weeks now and my skin already looks so much smoother, clearer and just better!

However with the good also came “the uglies” as they will hereby be known as.  My skin as clear as can be also started peeling off of my face in small sections, so that’s fun especially since it happened the night i was hosting a party 🙂 the peeling lasted for about a week but seems to be clearing up now (thank god). I received Exuviance triple microdermabrasion face polish from Brand Backer and I’ve been using it every other day  (alternating nights with the retin-a) and I find it really helpful, it was super gentle but got a lot of the peeling skin off (gross sorry) and left my face feeling like smooth like a babies bottom, so I will be permanently incorporating that into my skincareroutine! 

Although I got the exuviance microdermabrasion triple polish for free all opinions are my own and I truly do love it and recommend it! It smells nice, it’s gentle on my super sensitive skin, and it leaves me smooth and glowy. ✨

The Retin-A is also really drying so I’ve been using a PM face cream morning and night! I’ve linked both the moisturizer and the exfoliator below! 
Once my skin is where I want it I’ll post a picture for you babes ❤

Exuviance Microdermabrasion Exfoliator

CeraVe PM facial moisturizer

Empowered Women, Empower Women

This past week I have been fortunate enough to attend two very important women focused events.

Tuesday i had the opportunity to attend a #worksmart work shop held by a Committee I am on at work. Not only was it super informative but it was also so eye opening. Us women really don’t ask for what we want. Out of the 35 attendees at this workshop only a handful did any negotiating and most didn’t negotiate at all in fear of push back. Why do we do this to ourselves? This is only part of the reason pay inequity and the gender gap is still an issue, but its important that we advocate for ourselves. Negotiating doesn’t have to mean more money either, it could mean more/better benefits, flex time, sign on bonus, moving expenses, anything that you think could make your life easier. We need to stand up for ourselves

Wednesday, International Women’s Day, I did not strike BUT I did attend a fabulous luncheon held in honor of three truly impressive women held by the International Institute of New England. Each women was such an inspiration, not only in their accomplishments but also the adversity they have faced. They are women who pushed forward in male dominated industries, having to go in through back doors to attend meetings held at men’s clubs, being mistaken for the receptionist although she is a doctor (it really happened). All three of these women also came from immigrant families . International Women’s Day is about more than just women, its about equality for everyone. One of the women told a story of how when she was little she didn’t understand how people could tell she was Chinese because she assumed she had blonde hair and blue eyes like all of her peers, if children can see past differences and accept everyone why can’t adults?

Stand up for one another, empower each other, support your peers (males and females alike) !


check in

Can you believe it’s already March 1st? January and February FLEW by! I’m not complaining I hate the cold 🙂

I feel like March is when everyone starts to fall off with their New Years intentions and resolutions, though i don’t hate when the resolutioners stop crowding the gym I do love seeing others crush their goals.  I thought I’d do a check in since I set some pretty huge goals for myself this year!

  • Goal #1 – Start saving a down payment for a house ($25,000 this year)
  • Goal #2- Spend less time on my phone

So far goal #1 is going well, we set up an account on ally bank (it had the highest apy*) BUT we did take $1500 to go to the Super Bowl so unless we decide to throw that $1500 back in we’ll probably have $23,500 in total next year. We’ve also decided to save for longer and buy in 2 years so we have a bigger down payment to put down. So until further notice i’ll be living like a poor person. Adulting is SO FUN!

Now for goal #2 Let’s be honest WHO WAS I KIDDING?! Someday’s I’m on it less but some days I’m on it more. I try to be off it by 8:00-8:30 each night but i need to try a little (a lot) harder. We all know instagram is life though, am i right?

Since New Years I’ve also set a few other goals for myself: I’d like to get my real estate license, lose 10 lbs and make more time for the people i love. I’d like to schedule the real estate course by the end of March, keep me accountable people!

How are your goals going?


*APY- annual percentage yield; you’re money is making you money.


sweet valentine

Dun Dun Dun… obviously i know those aren’t the words so if you’re questioning it kindly fuck off.

Why is everything so all inclusive these days? You’re single? That’s fine  you can celebrate GAL-entine’s day!!, or something else lame as fuck. While i do believe love should be celebrated every day is it really necessary to take a hallmark holiday meant for people who are DEEPLY in love and turn into something more pathetic than it already is?

There’s no shame in anyone’s single game but maybe just bow out of valentine’s day and save yourself the embarrassment of that one year you celebrated Galentine’s day because you were to sad to admit that you wanted to do nothing more than have a bottle of wine and box of chocolates to yourself. TREAT YOURSELF BITCHES, on top of that why would you want to waste money on this made up holiday when you can wait until (the real holiday in my opinion) HALF PRICE CANDY DAY!

Embrace not having to celebrate this made up holiday as that also means you don’t have to frantically search for a gourmet donut shop after the person you’ve commissioned to get you the best donuts in the greater Boston area bails on you at 7:30am! Luckily i found one, so shout out to Black Bird Doughnuts which was only a 15 minute walk from my office #exercise



the blueberry cake donut actually gave me new life



BECCA Review!

I received three complimentary BECCA products courtesy of Becca and Influenster; a soft kabuki brush, the soft light blurring powder, and the first light priming filter. I’ve never tried anything by BECCA before so I was so excited!

First of all WOW the two products were beautiful, and who doesn’t love beautiful makeup? I do! I was so excited to try them all and they did not disappoint! The first light primer smells so yummy and is so light weight, it went on so smooth and wasn’t tacky at all. It gave me a nice smooth glow and was perfect to put make over! I then did my make up as normal and used the soft light blurring powder which I applied with the soft kabuki brush, I can’t tell you how impressed I was! It went on so evenly and my skin looked amazing. I have larger pores, acne scars, and a few blemishes and it really made my skin look so clear and beautiful! It was like I was wearing the snap chat pretty filter!

This photo is filter free and just my face with the makeup! Other products used- maybelline fit me matte + poreless, Anastasia beauty contour palette, maybelline volume express mascara, Marc Jacobs beauty eyeliner, Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Lolita-chestnut rose!

It’s safe to say I will be purchasing these products myself and trying more products from BECCA Cosmetics!
Although I received these for free all opinions and reviews are my own. BECCA has fixed my bad face day, permanently! 💄 💋
xo later bitches


I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

So it’s been awhile, I’d apologize but I’m not going to. 

In the past 5 months lots of shit has changed. Let’s start with the bad- my godfather and father passed away a month apart, that was hard. Like really hard, I still can’t believe it somedays. They were both really young, my dad was sick for a long time and even though we knew this day would eventually come it was still really unexpected. I miss him everyday. My uncle wasn’t sick physically, and no one could believe his passing, we knew he was going through a hard time but we were shocked, he had always been so happy and in some ways the back bone of my extended family. He always tried hard to do well but the past year or so weren’t so great for him. That being said if anyone reading this is struggling with depression or thoughts of suicide please reach out for help, no matter how hopeless you feel people do love you and your life is worth something. 

It’s hard to believe anything good can come after all the loss this year but I finally got fired from my bullshit excuse for a job the day I got back from Mexico,  Derek didn’t really give me a reason other  than I “wasn’t a good fit.” I like to believe he found my blog posts. I know that doesn’t sound good but it is, literally the day after my dad passed I got an amazing job as an executive assistant at a well known hospital (take that douchey Derek!) I’ve been here for about 4 months now and so far it’s been awesome! I honestly feel like my dad had something to do with it because I almost didn’t go to the interview but I knew he would be disappointed if I didn’t. 

Some days are harder than others and some days I cry for “no reason.” The triggers are so random, like I literally can’t listen to blink 182’s new album because my bf played it on the way to my dads funeral. People say it gets better with time but I truly don’t think it does, I think you sort of just get used to the pain. 

              R.I.P. Dad I love you 

We meet again retrograde.

Oh Mercury Retrograde we meet again! The wonders you do for my life are so ethereal. 

As retrograde was starting I was returning from a week long stay in the Riviera Maya, which was lovely (we’ll get back to that.) My first day back from vacation and before my work day even starts my boss gives me the boot.

We both went on vacation at the same time, and while he was on vacation he realized that I “just wasn’t a good fit for him” – thanks for the heads up dude. I was pretty pissed at first, as you can imagine just coming back from vacay in a foreign country I spent a decent amount of money that I otherwise wouldn’t have if I had known I was getting fired essentially right after I got through customs. I figured “not a good fit” must have been some sort of bs but he insists I did nothing wrong and did a “great job” and keeps reiterating to his sister and GM that “she’s just not a good fit” so he really just is that much of an ass hole. Although it isn’t ideal that I am temporarily poor as fuck I’m glad I don’t have to go sit in that windowless office ever again. I also no longer feel bad for hating every second of every day or spending countless hours looking for a new job because clearly he had no problem really screwing me when it came down to it. So it’s been 11 days of unemployed heavenly bliss. Between interviews and applications I’ve managed to get some yoga in, go for a hike, and clean my house among other fun things.

The only thing that is really concerning me now is Mercury is in retrograde until the 22 and I really should be employed by then. BUT YOU AREN’T SUPPOSED TO MAKE LIFE DECISIONS IN RETROGRADE! FUCK! As much as I really would love to wait, that just doesn’t seem like a valid reason to live off of my boyfriend for longer than I have too. I’m coming to the end of one interview process and the beginning of a really exiting one! I would DIE to work at the second company, so fingers crossed. Praying to the stars that this retrograde doesn’t throw me anymore of its retroshade. 

I know that a lot of you thinks retrograde is just like bull shit but I swear shit gets wacky for me every time. It may not always be so dramatic but like my crazy ex always texts me when mercury is in retrograde. With in the past week he tried to offer me $100 to go to lunch to “meet the real him” because obviously if you date some one for years you don’t really know them. #Byefelicia 


So discouraged.

I feel so stuck and like I’m never going to get a “real job.”

Most companies email me back before even interviewing me telling me “my experience isn’t a close match” or some other bullshit when my resume is filled with 7 years of exactly what they were looking for. I know it’s because I don’t have a college degree. I have plenty of experience but no degree. Employers won’t even talk to me because I don’t have a bachelors, and if by chance I know someone and they are able to get me some sort of interview half of the interview is about “so you don’t have a bachelors degree?” and it isn’t much long after I’m told I’m not a good fit. Recruiters wont even pay me the time of day, and they’re paid to find employees!

The most recent phone interview I had for a position I really wanted was going great and then pointed out that i don’t have a bachelors which i followed up that I have taken some courses but it is incomplete, and highlighted my experience (which was all the experience they needed and more) the conversations continued and then pause “did it ever cross your mind to enroll in college after high school?” I did enroll, however I didn’t have the means to stay enrolled! (obviously I said it more eloquently than that)

It is the most frustrating thing in the world, like I should stay in some dead end job that I hate and never have benefits because I haven’t gone to college. I get that people look down on “uneducated” people for not going to school but unfortunately not everyone has that luxury. Not everyone qualifies for loans, or financial aid, or has great parents that can put them through school. Not everyone has supportive, stable environment that offers them the ability to flourish.

I have another interview Monday, let’s see how this one goes. I’m literally so close to giving up.